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KON-DOR Travels, Cabo San Lucas

Posted by Carmen Maria Correa on


May 06, 2016

Just one week ago we were lucky enough to spend a long weekend in no other than Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We had such a good time that we decided we needed to share and give you some tips as to where to eat, where to stay and well, just let you know that if you are thinking of ever going to Cabo, you should just pack you bags, get your YANA PASSPORT HOLDER and GO.
Where to stay?!
It’s a very artsy hip hotel, with an amazing pool and a very cool young crowd (only adults hotel, so no kids anywhere). There are underground recording studios and art showcasing around the walls of the hotel. 

Where to eat?
You can always eat at the hotel but really you need to get out and explore, so our top pick is FLORA FARM
Its just a few mins away from El GANZO, its organic, its delicious and it's simply a breathtaking place. Everything you eat is grown in the farm with out the use of pesticides or genetically modified seeds. The farm is 150 acres and grows flowers, vegetables and is home to animals that can live naturally rolling, digging, scratching and HAPPY. 

Image courtesy NYmag

or if you love real Mexican food and want to get a taco that is the real deal you need to try LA TAQUIZA or LA TAQUERIA EL BUEN PASTOR they have no website, this should tell you just how genuine and good they are.

Ask for directions they are both in Cabo San Lucas. 

What to do? 

If you are feeling very adventurous we think you should definitely swim with whale sharks. They are amazing gentle giants that will give you the experience of a lifetime. Try booking in advance (you get a better deal this way). The most recommended company to do this with is CABO ADVENTURES if you are not really into this kind of stuff, they have other really cool activities....

All in all we think Los Cabos is an amazing place with delicious food and weather so if you are thinking of going somewhere this summer you should consider Cabo San Lucas.....


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