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Its never too late to say...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Posted by Carmen Maria Correa on


January 12, 2016

Its never too late to say...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
We want to start the year by remembering one of the greatest KONDOR moments of 2015.
At the beginning of December we had our first ever POPUP shop in no other than our favorite city, New York. Never in a million years would we have thought that in such a short period of time this would happen and that right after, we would be offered our second POPUP (more about that later).
We shared our POP-UP with other talented designers such as EMAH THE LABEL,  OAO NEW YORK, CARLA SPECK and MONASITA, the store looked amazing and we enjoyed each and every moment with everyone, so THANK YOU for taking upon our offer and joining the POPUP, nothing would have been possible without each and everyone of you.
We also wanted to take a few lines to thank all of you who came to hang with us, simply your presence made the POP-UP more special and successful.We are so happy for the support we’ve received and we are looking forward to an even better and more successful 2016.
About the other POPUP….
Come by you won't be disappointed as we are sharing the space with other great brands.
Some pics from our POP UP shop! ENJOY and always be inspired to follow your own dreams...




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