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I am Able Campaign x Amanda Booth

Posted by Carmen Maria Correa on

‘I am Able’ in collaboration with Amanda Booth

At its core, Kondor is about recognizing the power of community. One of our main missions has always been to give back to the communities we work with. In addition to supporting Ecuadorian artisans by incorporating their creations into our designs, we as a brand have always aimed to partner with nonprofit organizations. So we are pleased/ so excited to announce the first of many collaborations to come, ‘I am Able’ with Amanda Booth!

amanda booth x kondor I am Able Campaign

 We came across Amanda on Instagram about a year ago. We fell in love with her, her beautiful son Micah. We especially lauded her efforts to educate people about Down Syndrome. She inspired us to visit a nonprofit that supports underprivileged families with children with Down syndrome in Ecuador, ‘Fundacion Reina de Quito’. From that visit, this beautiful collaboration was born.

A little about Fundacion Reina de Quito

'Fundacion Reina de Quito' in Ecuador provides support, therapy and education to underprivileged children with Down syndrome. Their mission is to equip them to live as independent members of society. The children attend sessions at the center every weekday, some traveling for as long as three hours daily to get the therapy they need. The parents are able to pay based on their financial situation and the payments can vary between $5-$40 per month. For the rest, the center relies on donations. The Foundation has done exemplary work in the 20 years that they have been open, and this year they have two of their students graduating from a regular high school.

fundacion reina de quito i am able campaign with amanda booth

‘I am Able’ campaign in collaboration with Amanda Booth will donate 10% of its proceeds to Fundacion Reina de Quito. These funds will be utilized to train therapists, so that the children can have access to the most up to date techniques, which will give them a chance to have a brighter future.

Q/A with Amanda

What’s your main effort/goal as Micah’s parent?

My goals as Micah’s parent shift and I believe will continue to. Long term, I hope to be able to give him the tools necessary to lead a happy and fulfilling life. I hope he is as independent as he chooses to be. I hope that he grows up and can say he always felt encouraged to go for his wildest dreams. Right now…I just want to help Micah learn to self-regulate, and gain the best communication skills that he possibly can. I see him frustrated that he understands more than he can tell us, and that’s really hard to witness. That is why this campaign means so much to me! The goals I have for Micah are possible with all of the professional help that we have and will continue to receive. It isn’t fair that all families do not have access to the same, life altering resources. The opportunities that we are now able to give to our children with Down Syndrome, are exactly the reasons why they are going on to lead happy, and independent lives. It is NECESSARY! 

Why the phrase I AM ABLE? (The Rumi Tote has this phrase embossed on the inside)

I AM ABLE. Because, we are all able. Able to learn, play sports, work, give and receive love, and find happiness. We are able, we just need the opportunity to show . 


What would be the best advice for parents of children with Down syndrome?

I will give the same advice that I have been given. That is, to sit back and allow your children to fall. Allow them to explore, and choose their own way. Support them in their dreams, and push them just like you would ANY child. It’s okay to have worries and doubts. It’s okay to teeter between hope and reality. And in those times, connect with someone in our community. We are big and we are strong. And I am so lucky to be a part of it.


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