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Posted by Carmen Maria Correa on

Sept 12, 2016


About a year ago we were asked by one of the doctors at a public hospital in Ecuador if we could help her get funds for a new vaccine that could be life changing for HIV+ children. In the past we have been involved with an orphanage of HIV+ children so we said yes with out even knowing how we were going to do it.

We were about to launch the Kon-Dor website and had no funds ourselves, as entrepreneurs we knew it was going to take time until we made money, 2 years maybe, but we also knew everything is possible if you set your mind to it.


We created a GO FUND ME page to get the $4,000 dollarswe needed for the vaccines, most of it were donations from family and friends but there were also some generous strangers from around the world who donated (how cool is that?!). 

Its been a year and we managed to raise $1705, not our goal, but still with the help of PFIZER Ecuador we vaccinated 45 kids.

This vaccine is called PREVNAR 13 and it helps to prevent pneumococcal infections. We were fortunate enough to be present in the last vaccination at a orphanage called ORPHAIDS, it was such a beautiful experience seeing how brave these kids are and how well they are growing up despite their circumstances.

We learn more and more from these experiences and we dream of the day that we don’t have to ask for help but instead we have enough funds to do this and so many other things we dream about. Buy products that give back and that can make a change, no matter how little you think this change is it can mean the world to somebody else.

Again, we wanted to thank everyone who donated and trusted us, we donated every single dollar to this cause and can't wait to complete our goal and give this gift to even more children.

Also, thank you everyone who has bought a KON-DOR bag, with your purchase our dream of giving back (BIG) is closer.

Here are some pics, we hope you enjoy and if you donated enjoy even more because without you this couldn’t have been possible.

PS- Our Go-Fund me page is still open and is still receiving donations, it's never too late.  gofund.me/x6u4xk

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