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Why are our straps so special?

Posted by Carmen Maria Correa on

June 23, 2016
photo by Michael Reich
photo by Michael Reich


One of Kon-dor's mission was to support artisans in Ecuador through our designs, we wanted to mix their creations with ours, we knew it would be a challenge, but we also knew this mixture would convert into beautiful, unique, one of a kind products.  We grew up seeing these beautiful handmade textiles called ‘fajas’ that were used in traditional costumes for wrapping the waist or hair and thought that they could be our start point. After much thinking and testing we discovered that these long pieces of art where not only beautiful but also very strong and could serve not one but many purposes in our designs just as they do in Andean cultures.


An example of how fajas are used in the waist on traditional Andean costumes. 


‘Fajas’ are usually handmade using a combination of patterns and colors. If a ‘faja’ was made by a different person the slightest change in a thread changes it as whole. Finding two ‘fajas’ that are exactly the same is almost mission impossible which means that finding a Kon-Dor bag exactly as yours would be a very hard task, so don't even try, simply enjoy your bag.

Uniqueness is our motto and so should yours, no person is the same, we are all one of a kind, so why should your bag be any different?

Buy products that not only look great but that have a story, a mission.


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