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about us

The story of how it all began... 

Growing up in Ecuador, we were surrounded by spectacular landscapes, crafts, colors and people. Our upbringing was shaped by this wealth of inspiration and creativity. After finishing high school, we took off on our own paths traveling and studying around the world. Years later, we met again in New York City and inspired by our beautiful country and our travels, decided to combine our ideas and skills to create a socially conscious brand that incorporates traditional Ecuadorian crafts with great design and quality. After months of research, legwork, and late-night Skype talks, KON-DOR went from being a dream to a reality.

Our name comes from the beautiful bird, the Condor. Condors are an emblem for Ecuador, and it is a bird that symbolizes power, health, virtue and beauty and that has brought many legends and much mysticism to our people, so we decided our dream couldn't have any other name.